Friday, April 1, 2016

March 2016: Little & Big

I took lots of pictures this month, so this post is not for the faint of heart.

The kids have been working on their youtube channel.  
They are obsessed with making videos.
You can check out their videos here

Maddy worked for weeks on her Mr. Poppers Penguins project.  She made all her classmates a perler bead penguin and had a killer presentation on the Gentoo Penguin (will post video later)
She got an A++ (105% extra credit for creativity)

We celebrated Luca's 1st birthday!  Oh how we love this little guy! 

The kids and I went to the Lego store for the monthly build and then decided to try the new Tom & Chee restaurant, the legos were great Tom & Chee was just ok, although they did have a tv running cartoons!

We thoroughly enjoyed our schools play of Aladdin, the kids wanted their pictures with all of the cast

 Viv and Zazu the bird

 Champ and The Genie

 Viv with one of the dancing girls

The kids had the day off school so they got to come to my weekly appointment with me.  

Matt was working on a Hungry Howies commercial so we snuck on set to see them filming

We celebrated Baby Beckhams birthday.  Champ has a mad love for Hannah.

The girls and I went to the park one afternoon.  It has been either nice and warm or crazy cold here! 

 Viv and I took Nana out to lunch for her birthday.  

I surprised Maddy with a special date to make her very own flower garden.  This thing is growing like crazy.

Oh yay another appointment they all got to come with me to

 Bring your own Cup to 7-11 day!  we were very low key this year! 

We celebrated Poppy's birthday in typical bunk fashion: lots of laughing and cake and ice cream

How handsome are these 2 guys, out to lunch after church for Poppy's birthday

 More celebrating, Anthony turned 6.  

This picture represents almost 8 years in the making, Matt goes to church early for worship, we rarely drive together in the mornings, and holidays were always hard someone was always walking out the house in tears, this year for Easter we were on time to church and all had smiles walking out the door.  Independent kids are so much fun!!

 Easter at Great Nana's

 I tried all day to get a nice picture of the 3 kids in their easter outfits,  this was the best i could come up with at the end of the day when we crashed Grandy & Poppy's house

The girls and I had a little fun at Target over spring break

We also enjoyed lunch out with Great Nana 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

February little & big

Warning - 
this post is totally random and is more for my sake to remember

we started the month off with mild temps and matching vests

i have no idea why they were out of school on a school day and why i splurged and let them get frapuccinos
 my mom threw a surprise luncheon for me for my birthday, that is also the last time i give her my phone to take pictures, they all came out blurry.  it was so nice of all my nearest and dearest to take time out of their busy schedules to shower me with love.

her and i have been playing a lot of phase 10, i only let her win a couple of hands, but now i show no mercy.  we have been playing so much that even matt asked to play with us one night.

we celebrated my birthday with my parents at da francescas, lucky for us kids eat free on mondays, and the waitress clearly didn't know how to focus the camera

champ wrote a very sweet and sentimental poem for a project in school

he also totally crushed the valentines game this year, i totally nailed the overachiever award this year

35 i was all sorts of emotions, luckily my husband knows the way to my heart is cupcakes and overpriced perfume

every night she asks to read before bed, every night i go peek in on her and this was how i found her, this girl has a love for look and find books and snoopy

cupcakes and coffee for breakfast, followed by coffee and cake pops for lunch - mother of the year

viv has a love for ALL babies, especially my friend Danielle's little peanut Valentino.  he is such a doll, Viv held him the majority of the kids valentines parties, which let Danielle and I goof around at the kids parties.

Matt has been traveling a ton this month, so one saturday we got out of the house for a little adventure that included a trip to 168 asian market, they love the dead roasted ducks (not) and really loved walking behind the fish counter to see live crabs, snails, frogs, eel and even shark 

i am convinced this child is on a mission to try out every public restroom.
she is in front of the one at the asian market in this picture, but she also used home depot's that day as well

matt was gone 2 Sundays this month, so we went and hung out at my parents after church, thank god for a little sanity over there which included my favorite childhood snack, apples with lemon and cinnamon on them

We might have played hooky on one of my treatments on a Friday which meant we had to make an unscheduled appointment on a Monday, we brought toys to play with, which we never do, I have no idea why I never thought to do that before, her friends kept her occupied the entire time! Praise the sweet jesus

 his birthday eve - insert big ball of tears
hit up airtime with friends on the first day of winter break

his birthday (more here)
 We did Detroit Dart Club that night, i have all sorts of love for this lady, my Amy, my person!

I have been working on a couple of miscellaneous projects 
a blanket for a new baby 

 a new dishcloth 

we closed out winter break seeing Kung Fu Panda 3 - we were the only ones in the theatre which made talking and laughing and playing musical chairs really fun, and playing on my phone nice.


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