Printable Thank You Cards

Hi Guys I constantly struggle with getting thank you cards.  I am so grateful to so many, but I always fall short.  My kids are getting to an age where I want them to appreciate when someone does something for them.  I am trying to instill in them to always have a grateful heart, so with that I made these super simple thank you cards. All you have to do is print them on some card stock, cut out and fill them out, pretty simple.  Your kids can write as much or little as you desire.  I tried to make them small enough to fit into a 5x7 envelope but you can always fold them up and stick them in a smaller envelope.
Let me know what you think, or if they need any tweaking
Here is the actual file
Hope you enjoy!

The very best purchase ever made!!!

so my good friend yvette and i went to a preview of a sub sale tonight, we left her son cameron and madeline with her husband. so we are cruising thru this sub and didn't see too much, she scored a toy box and i got a pair of jeans (for maddy) when i come across a house in the back of this sub with a doll bassinet. i have been semi-looking for one for maddy b/c she is in love with her "bebe" right now, she puts it in its stroller, she rocks it and puts it to sleep on the couch, so i though if i find one i will pay like $20 for a nice clean one. well we come up to this house and they have one and it is nice, it looks almost brand new, so i am thinking $20!!!! $5, yes you heard me right, $5. i asked the lady "does this work, is anything broken on it" and she looked at me like "are you serious, why would i sell it if it is broken." so i snatched that puppy up sp fast.
so, to make along story short, i was taking it our of my trunk tonight while maddy was playing in the yard, and as soon as she saw it, she flipped out "bebe, bebe, bebe" i go "ok come on let sog in the house and play", she books it to the side door and before i can get the stupid thing in the door, she is waiting for me in the kitchen with her baby in hand. i wish i had my cmaera, it was priceless, yelling"yeah, whoa"!!! we played with it for 1/2 hour before i was ready for her to go to bed, this may very well be my proudest shopping moment yet!


Life with Linda said…
HOw cute is that? She must be a natural born mother....just like her own mommy
Karen said…
She is the cutest dolly ever!
Hannah said…
oh my gosh... i barely got to see her on saturday... what a cute thing she is.... wow....


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