Printable Thank You Cards

Hi Guys I constantly struggle with getting thank you cards.  I am so grateful to so many, but I always fall short.  My kids are getting to an age where I want them to appreciate when someone does something for them.  I am trying to instill in them to always have a grateful heart, so with that I made these super simple thank you cards. All you have to do is print them on some card stock, cut out and fill them out, pretty simple.  Your kids can write as much or little as you desire.  I tried to make them small enough to fit into a 5x7 envelope but you can always fold them up and stick them in a smaller envelope.
Let me know what you think, or if they need any tweaking
Here is the actual file
Hope you enjoy!

happy birthday mattbunkdotcom!

today is my amazing husbands birthday so in honor of him here are 28 things
i absolutely love about him!!

  1. he has a secret happy smile, the kids and myself are the only ones that have seen it
  2. he makes me smile whenever he walks into a room
  3. he is the king of compliment sandwiches...something positive, something negative, something positive!
  4. he stayed at the hospital for 3 nights with me for our babies births even when i told him to go home to our comfortable bed
  5. he has a mad love for fish tacos
  6. i get butterflies in my stomach when i walk into a room with him holding my hand
  7. he used to read the newspaper everyday in high school, and i used to want to just talk to him so i would ask for the jumble just to start convo
  8. he won't drink regular pop unless it is mexican coke in a bottle
  9. he has a serious t-shirt addiction, that i secretly love
  10. he will come home dog tired, yet jump on the bed and wrestle for 20 minutes with maddy
  11. he will only use irish springs soap and nothing else
  12. he feels completely naked without his wedding ring
  13. every wedding we go to he will repeat the wedding vows and hold my hand
  14. he asked me to homecoming and then the next day wouldn't speak to me
  15. he saves every fast company magazine
  16. when he smiles one eye is smaller than the other
  17. he loves my cookies, but hates my brownies, and i am totally ok with that
  18. i could walk into any restaurant and tell you exactly what he would order
  19. he is very quirky about his pants, but it is cute
  20. he watches sportscenter every single night between 11 and 12
  21. he didn't know it but i picked him out long before he picked me out!
  22. he will never let me live down that i was in cali for one of his birthdays and he sat in his bedroom eating pizza rolls
  23. he has the best smell, it isn't cologne, it is just matt bunk
  24. i think he would take more than 2 showers a day if i would let him
  25. he is the most amazing husband, dad and best friend in the entire world!
  26. he asked me to go steady with him at a stop light on gratiot and hall road
  27. he finds me amusing after all of these years
  28. he is my bestest friend, my soul mate, the one i want to grow old with.
tell me what you love about him!!!


lori bunk said…
happy birthday matt!!

i love that matt always introduces chris and i to finer dining experiences and i love the way him and chris crack each other up.
Caleb Porter said…
His passion for everything he touches. Wether it be other people's lives, his work, leading worship, soccer, running, traveling and many other things. I don't think I've ever seen matt do anything half-heartedly. I love that about him!

Happy birthday brother! Thanks for being such a great friend!
nikki galas said…
I love his sarcasm, I think it runs in the family. :) happy birthday cousin!!
Keri said…
That was such a nice post Nina! I remember Matt showing up to Ms. Kaine's English class every morning with that newspaper!!

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