Printable Thank You Cards

Hi Guys I constantly struggle with getting thank you cards.  I am so grateful to so many, but I always fall short.  My kids are getting to an age where I want them to appreciate when someone does something for them.  I am trying to instill in them to always have a grateful heart, so with that I made these super simple thank you cards. All you have to do is print them on some card stock, cut out and fill them out, pretty simple.  Your kids can write as much or little as you desire.  I tried to make them small enough to fit into a 5x7 envelope but you can always fold them up and stick them in a smaller envelope.
Let me know what you think, or if they need any tweaking
Here is the actual file
Hope you enjoy!

Summer Fun

My kids got totally gipped last summer, I had morning sickness all summer, so we spent the majority of the summer on my bed watching cartoons!  I feel like I really need to make it up to them this year, which in reality I am sure they don't even remember.
So with all that being said, we came up with a summer fun list.  In hindsight I probably should have done this while they were in bed, because every morning i am asked what is on the list to do today?!
Alot of this list, is stuff we do, however I was lucky enough to win a giant craft basket at an auction so a couple of our fun things are being pulled from the basket!
There are so many summer fun lists going right now, here are a couple that I got my ideas from, these moms are way more crafty than me and probably have way more patience than me as well...

Please don't mind the horrible picture!
  1. bike ride to 7-11
  2. have a lemonade stand 
  3. picnic at the park
  4. try a new park
  5. go to Isaac and Zoey's pool 
  6. Madagascar 3 with Russell
  7. The zoo 
  8. go to a splash park
  9. get donuts at night 
  10. have dessert for dinner 
  11. Brave with Auntie Kyle
  12. slumber party with Scarlett, Juliette, and Zoey
  13. Ice cream truck 
  14. water balloon/sponge fight
  15. go on a bike ride with papa
  16. go fishing with uncle gary 
  17. nature walk with our field journals
  18. watch a movie outside
  19. sleepover with isaac
  20. fireworks
  21. craft night 
  22. light saber fight outside in the dark 
  23. night swimming with grandy and poppy 
  24. fountains at partridge creek 
  25. ride bikes to a park 
  26. wash the truck 
  27. make play doh 
  28. roast hot dogs on the fire
  29. make chalk paint 
  30. make a mural for our wall 
  31. go to the beach up north 
  32. make fancy ice cream sundaes
  33. library 
  34. write love letters to people we love
  35. have a watermelon eating contest
  36. build a fort and sleep in it 
  37. make special dinner plates
  38. make cupcakes and pass out to our friends
  39. paint a treasure chest and fill with treasures all summer 
  40. make an ice treasure hunt 
  41. make a cement stepping stone with our handprints


lori bunk said…
it turned out so cute!
#5 is my favorite

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